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Updated: Jun 14, 2020

Transportation COVID-19 Sensitization Forum.

A security guard stands at the entrance of to uphold COVID-19 Protocols.
Mask must be worn and hands sanitized

The Montego Bay conference centre was filled with Transportation workers from across the western parishes ,who were eager to be learn how they could stay safe while operating under the COVID-19 (SARS-COV-2) pandemic. Since the Jamaican Borders will be open June 15 to none nationals, the government had commenced the training of workers within the hospitality industry to better manage the controlled reentry of tourists to the Jamaican shores.

TPDCO representative outlining social distancing measures at the Montego Bay Convention Centre
Everyone 6 feet apart please

The discussions took place around social distancing, necessary equipment and transportation protocols.

Jamaican transport operators in COVID-19 meeting.
Your Jamaican Tour Guide

Maxine Blake, Training officer with the Tourism product development Company, said the main goal of the tourist product development company is to

“Strengthen resilience and safeguard stakeholders”.

The reduction of cash transactions, driver and guest status monitoring, reduced maximum passengers, installation of a SPP (Safety Point Person) and revamped sanitization measures are a few points that was taken from the meeting.

The Jamaican government requires all visitors to fill out a risk assessment form that must be presented at the time of boarding your flight. Click here.

Non-nationals travelling to Jamaica starting June 15, 2020 will only be tested if they are found to be high risk, this includes travelling from a country that has been designated as high risk by the WHO or exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19.

Non- Nationals travelling for tourism.

Non-Nationals travelling for business.

As a traveller to Jamaica these are the points to note on transportation:

  • All vehicle occupants are required to wear face masks inside the vehicle.

  • Most vehicles will have a protective shield installed between the passenger and driver.

  • Passengers are not allowed to occupy the seat beside the driver.

  • All passenger will be required to sanitize upon entry of the vehicle.

  • Physical contact will be reduced, a simple elbow bump has been recommended for greeting purposes.

  • Temperature check will be done upon entering a vehicle and your driver will be able to make the necessary recommendations if you are above the normal body temperature (97°F - 99°F or 36.1°C - 37.2°C).

  • Visitors will be be tested for COVID-19.

Forehead scanner being sold to Operators
Temperature Checks will be done!

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Visit the Tourism Product Development Company website to learn more.

Visit the Tourism Product Development Company on Instagram.

Visit Kenzie High Life Jamaica on Instagram.

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