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  • Is Jamaica safe to visit?
    Yes Jamaica is safe for travellers, Jamaica has been a top toursit destination for years and has a developed tourism industry that benefits nearly 80% of Jamaicans. Choose your favourite registered tour operator, get all the details on places to see and things to do.
  • Do I need Covid a vaccine to Visit Jamaica
    Jamaica currently does not require vaccination to visit the country. You simply need to take a Covid-19 test and submit your Travel Authorization for before taking your trip. Visit for more information.
  • What do i need to take to Jamaica?
    When travelling to Jamaica it would be essential to take these items: Driver's License or Valid ID (A photo of the ID works too). Water Shoes. Sunscreen. Insect Repellant. One Semi Formal outfit (Just in case) If staying at a Hotel, find out their dining room dress policy.
  • What Currency is used in Jamaica?
    The Jamaican dollar (JMD) is the national currency or Jamaica, however Jamaica has a developed tourism industry and almost all business prefer the US Dollar (USD). When shopping for items in the fruit market or street vendors, you might get a better deal with JMD. It is easier to spend USD in Jamaica as you will always be able to track your value for dollar. Then exchange rate for USD to JMD changes daily so it would be best to keep and spend USD.
  • Can i drive in Jamaica?
    Yes you can drive in Jamaica, Jamaica has many rentals agencies that provide car rental services. It is not recommend for travellers to drive in Jamaica. The Jamaican traffic can be very dangerous if you are not used to the norms of driving in the country. There are tour operators that have been certified by the Jamaica Tourist Board that will make your trip more cost effective, efficient and safe
  • Can I go out at night in Jamaica?
    Yes, It is okay to go enjoy Jamaica's night life. As always it is recommended that you travel with a Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB) certified driver. These are measures put in place to guarantee your safety and enjoyment.
  • What does the word Reggae mean?
    Reggae is a genre of music originating in Jamaica around the 1960's. It is said the music comes from a varition of music such as Ska, Blues and Calypso. The music is a art form that was used to communicate current affairs and beliefs.
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